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An Extremely Painful Saturday Afternoon

Had a somewhat interesting, somewhat simple day of it, but a lot of pain.

The parking lot was cleaned this early morning through the afternoon, and they didn't get around to my parking area until around 12:10 pm. Given the mess that was (as you can see from the recent photos I've posted - gotta love the mobile phone camera!), I decided that regardless of how much pain I was (and still am) in from my lower back, I was going out there to clean the car and get the damn thing out. Suffice it to say, I couldn't get the car out of the parking space alone, and it took three people pushing the car to do so (and my thanks to them). Here is the result, and as you can see the car is relatively clean. But so is the parking space.


I came back in to the house and plopped myself on the sofa with the ice pack (new re-frozen), and had some beef and barley soup, along with a couple of open-faced salmon and sandwich spread sandwiches. I called spross, and he agreed to come over on his way to Wal-Mart and help me do a bit of shopping. Once he got here, I put a load of t-shirts, underwear, and socks in the laundry, and then he and I went out and did the shopping for stuff. Good haul, but very tired and in extreme pain by the time we got back to my house around 5:45 pm.

I've finished putting the groceries away, and am sitting back on the couch with a bottle of Crystal Light peach tea water, a cucumber sandwich, and an ice pack on my lower back. All I want to do is scream, but that would hurt my throat, so it's a bad idea.

Need to think about supper soon. Maybe. If I can move. We'll see.
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