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Sunday Morning, No Gaming Group Today

Woke up this morning feeling like crap, but this is not surprising. I did too much snow removal, bending at bad angles, sitting at bad angles, and stuff yesterday while cleaning off the car (already suffering for cleaning off the car two other days this week), and I'm paying badly for it now. Just hoping I haven't wrecked my back to the point where I need to have the surgery done on it.

The pain was mitigated somewhat this a.m. by having two croissants with café au lait for breakfast, as well as a mandatory dose of Robaxacet. Physically, I'm going to try to take it as easy on my back as I can today, but still need to do some laundry, possibly a bit of vacuuming, and the like, but will not be gaming with the Sunday group today. I do plan to spend most of the day working on some Primeval RPG stuff, and spross will be over for part of the afternoon working with me on some gaming stuff as well.

Looking forward to the rest of the day, just planning to take it as easy as I can. :)
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