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Catching Up with Palaeo News XVI, Part Deux

Lots of dinosaur and palaeontology news and stuff to catch up on today, so here is la deuxième partie.

As his last post on the old Smithsonian blog website, "Dinosaur Tracking", Brian Switek posts this one:

The Most Exciting and Frustrating Stories From This Year in Dinosaurs

Yet another Morrison Formation diplodocid? Paleontologists describe the sauropod dinosaur Kaatedocus siberi.

Journal of Systematic Palaeontology Abstract

Cretaceous lizard Obamadon on Mesozoic politics.

Diplomacy, Jurassic-Style

Obamadon was *not* a dinosaur. :)

Obamadon is Not a Dinosaur

Dakar Rally endangers Miocene fossils, but race organizers have little interest in the irreparable damage the event causes.

Scientists Warn Auto Rally Over Endangering Fossils

How do jellyfish fossilize? On Charles Doolittle Walcott's 19th century paleo experiments.

The Dawn of Experimental Taphonomy

What Palaeonotology 101 is actually like.

What Palaeontology 101 is Actually Like

Brian Switek has found a new home for his Laelaps blogs and material here.

Laelaps Returns

Jurassic boneyard yields hidden dinosaur. Probably just a young Barosaurus, but you never know...

Jurassic Boneyard Yields Hidden Dinosaur

Need a refresher course on Pterosaurs? Check out the stop-motion Creature Cast. Here you go. :)

Very sad news. The Field Museum is to cut scientists and curators, and "limit the scope of its research".

Field Museum to Cut Staff and Overhaul Operations

The "Dinosaur Alphabet" series being done by Brian Switek lives on, and today presents the letter J.

J is for Juravenator

The name of the link below says it all.

How Scientists Are Recreating a Sound Last Heard in the Jurassic

Do you know what's cool? Fresh water mosasaurs!

Freshwater Mosasaur Stirs Marine Reptile Relationships

The brains of omnivorous dinosaurs show traces of predatory ancestry.

Brains of Omnivorous Dinosaurs Show Traces of Predatory Ancestry

Yes, Virginia, there really was a Megapiranha.

The Record Breaking Bite of Megapiranha

Another bit of hoax in the modern day turned back to look at real life giant raptors.

New Zealand's Long Lost Giant Raptor

Mike Taylor on the newly-named Morrison Formation sauropod Kaatedocus.

Welcome Kaatedocus

Did Velocirator and Archaeopteryx climb trees?

Did Velocirator and Archaeopteryx Climb Trees?

Did the extinct elephant Palaeoloxodon survive into historic times?

Extinct Elephant "Survived Late" in North China
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