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Statting of Prehistoric Beasties and Dinosaurs

Several folks have wondered what I've been doing roleplaying game-wise the last little bit to get ready for campaigns and the like. Well, here's what I've been doing for the most part in my spare time (such as it has been lately). This is a part of the Primeval RPG game.


I've been statting up new beasties, both dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, for the game, and have compiled some stuff including the current spate of creatures from Primeval: New World. Here's the list of creatures and beasties that I've done up the last couple of months, and this doesn't include the creatures that will be in the Primeval Companion for the game some time in the new year.

Beastie List

Albertosaurus (Primeval: New World)
Daemonosaurus (Primeval: New World)
Gigantopithecus Blacki
Jurassic Flying Beetle (Primeval: New World)
Lycaenops (Primeval: New World)
Ornitholestes (Primeval: New World)
Pachycephaolosaurus (Primeval: New World)

I've no idea whether these will be going into a product for the roleplaying game or not, but to be honest, I'm doing this for my own reference and game scenarios (though I'd love to see them in one of the game supplements for the Primeval RPG game). And I've got plans for around a dozen more, as time permits.
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