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Call For Players for the Primeval RPG PBeM Game

Now that the Primeval RPG has actually been out for almost three months...

I'm looking for a few players interested in a Primeval RPG Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game. This game is based on the Primeval tv series, and uses the Primeval RPG ruleset that is published by the folks at Cubicle 7. Even if you don't have the game system and rules, the game rules and mechanics are very simple and easy to work with; they're based on the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (DW: AiTaS) game system, so if you're familiar with those, you'll have the basics down. And yes, I will be explaining things to folks in detail as things progress in the game.

I've got four (4) players already lined up and working on their characters for the Primeval RPG PBeM game, but would prefer to have a couple of more players involved in the game before I start in earnest. If you'd like to play in the game, the URL for the game is

PRIMEVAL: Tales of the Anomalies

For those interested in the game, please read the mailing list messages from the beginning (the archive is Public, though you have to have Moderator approval to join the mailing list and participate), and follow the protocols established therein.

Hope to see some of you folks join the game. :)
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