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Here is the next session of the Friday night gaming group which I'm still trying to catch up with. The Friday night gamers started their Primeval RPG some time ago (over a year), and so here's the fourth session of actual play (the first session was game world intro, glossary, and same combat). This session dates back to June 24th, 2011. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post may be somewhat long, but even if it's not, I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 AD

...but are nevertheless determined to put up a good fight. Alexander Taylor (Tom) uses the cricket bat as a weapon, and is able to mangle a couple of the giant spiders despite almost succumbing to his fear on first seeing the creatures. Jenny Hansford (Joanne) is able to defend herself with the garbage bin lid, while at the same time stabbing at the arachnids, and is able to hold several of them at bay, the creatures learning some caution. Harrison Williams (David), Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy), and Jessica Ransome (Angela) are barely able to fend off the creatures, while David Bannister (Nick) continues to do his best to save the teenage girl. Amanda casually notes to herself that the spiders are quite unusual, other than being large, in that they don't have spinnerets...

The group are aided just in the nick of time by the arrival of the constabulary and an ambulance, the lights of which drive the creatures back into the darkness of the alley. Seeing the wounds on the two teenagers, the police don't believe the player characters' story about what happened, though the Ambulance Services personnel are more inclined to believe the characters about matters. Two of the constables head down the alley, torches in hand, to check the situation out.

The player characters continue to answer questions from the remaining pair of constables, while the two teenagers are taken off by the ambulance. David and Harrison agree to come by the hospital to see the two youngsters, and to file a report with authorities there on the incident. Meanwhile, Jessica tells the others about the light that she saw at the end of the alley, but they are interrupted by several screams. David and Jessica race down the alley, accompanied by Alexander, and find the spiders have attacked the two bobbies that went down the alley. They can all clearly see the Anomaly now, which appears to be in a coal bin or cellar attached to the business nearby. Using their torches, Jenny and Alexander drive the creatures away, several of them returning through the shining, glass-filled light phenomenon.

The other two bobbies come down the alley, and see what is going on, but they return to the street as Detective Inspector Skinner shows up. Skinner talks to the player characters, though he notices that Jessica and Alexander are keeping an eye on the alley depths. Alexander tells the DI that he is part of the SAS and that they have a real problem here, mentioning the incident in Chelton Park the other week, and asks that Skinner calls in the SAS. Skinner does so, and the Home Office mobilizes a team to come down to the area. Alexander tells the inspector that he needs to check something down the street, and he takes David and Jenny with him. He leads them towards Sarah's Fine Meats, and David mentions the odd thing that he saw there - the soot under the counter. Alexander starts to run towards the meat shoppe.

DI Skinner takes the remaining two bobbies with him down the alley, much to the dismay of Harrison and the others, but the coppers are sure they'll be all right with their torches. Amanda, Jessica, and Harrison accompany them down the alley, and the group finds the half-eaten bodies of several of the winos that make their homes there. Several giant spiders emerge from the garbage and detritus in the alley and attack, but the policemen and the player characters are able to drive them off, but are split up - the player characters are forced down the alley towards the coal bin and cellar, while Skinner and the bobbies go back to the street. The three player characters hear the skittering and scratching sounds of the creatures getting louder and louder.

Arriving back at the meat shoppe, David, Alexander, and Jenny find that the lights are still on, and the main entrance is open. Alexander checks down the nearby alley, and sees shadowy figures moving at the far end in the torchlight. The three cautiously enter the shoppe. They immediately find the owner of the shoppe, Sally Mantegra, lying on the floor, several bad wounds on her arms and torso. David uses what he's got to hand to try and patch her up, Jenny helping him, while Alexander goes to check things out. He finds soot and tracks in the soot all over the place, and heads down to the lower level. Reaching the area where the furnace and coal cellar are, he discovers a large number of the creatures scuttling about, and grabbing and using the nearest fire extinguisher, barely escapes serious attack from some of the spiders that fall towards him from the ceiling. He dashes back upstairs, and tells Jenny to get some help from DI Skinner. She says that she's sticking with him, as she's not going out there alone and possibly be attacked by the creatures, as they must be all over the place by now. In that case, he says to her, she and David need to come help him deal with the creatures downstairs. He has them grab the fire extinguishers [Jenny paid a Story Point to have a third extinguisher there], and with Jenny's misgivings, the three descend down to the lower level of the meat shoppe. The scuttling sounds get louder...

Back at the alley near the Anomaly, Amanda, Jessica, and Harrison are forced to move towards the source of the light down at the area where the coal cellar is. They can hear DI Skinner and the other bobbies shouting for them at the street area, but can't make their way back that way. Harrison suggests that perhaps they can make their way back through the building if they can into the coal cellar. This idea doesn't appeal to Amanda and Jessica, but they're willing and daring to try anything at this point, though Jessica says that she still doesn't trust Harrison. The giant spiders scatter at the light from their torches, but don't retreat, and the characters realise they're in serious crap. Several spiders drop on the characters from the overhangs above, and Amanda and Harrison fight them off successfully. Harrison's knife proves to be remarkably helpful in the fight, and he apologises to the two women for having to use such "brute methods". Amanda warms to him somewhat. They advance cautiously towards the coal cellar and the bin.

Back at Sarah's Fine Meats, the characters descend to the lower level of the meat shoppe, and come upon a cowering young man in one of the supply rooms. This is Eddie, Sarah's assistant during the night shifts, and he's been partially dehanded by the spiders. David gives him first aid, but his mannerism indicates to the others that Eddie's going to lose the hand and hat there may be infection. Before they can react, the characters are attacked by a swarm of the spiders, and find themselves being slightly overwhelmed!

As can be seen from the above game session notes, the player characters were seriously up to their eyeballs in creatures, one of the strengths that the Primeval tv series played to. The session had some lovely moments of running, fleeing, fighting, and a bit of everything else on an emotional level. Lots of fun. The new player at the time, David, commented on how much he was enjoying the game in this, his second, session of it, and the other players noted how much fun they're having - they forgot about the real world stuff going on, and Kathy said that she had enjoyed herself immensely. And the players wondered, of course, how they were going to get out of the mess they were in!


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