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Friday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 6

Here is the next session of the Friday night gaming group which I'm still trying to catch up with. The Friday night gamers started their Primeval RPG some time ago (over a year), and so here's the fifth session of actual play (the first session was game world intro, glossary, and same combat). This session dates back to July 8th, 2011. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post may be somewhat long, but even if it's not, I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 AD

At the alley entrance to the coal cellar and bin, Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy), Jessica Ransome (Angela), and Harrison Williams (David) are forced to deal with several giant spiders that drop on them. Harrison is able to snatch up a coal shovel, and beat several of them off, while the girls check out the bin itself. While it is partially open, thus allowing the giant spiders out from where the Anomaly is, the bin entrance is locked, and the characters quickly decide to make for the alley exit onto the street once more. Amanda doesn't really want to go back through the alley, but she realises they have no choice.

On the lower level of Sarah's Fine Meats, David Bannister (Nick), Jenny Hansford (Joanne), and Alexander Taylor (Tom) have a nasty fight on their hands, as they have to also protect the shoppe assistant as well. Between the sources of light they have and the fire extinguishers, they are able to drive the giant spiders off. David and Alexander realise they have the perfect weapon in the meat shoppe freezer, and the two race back upstairs. They grab as much meat out of the shelves and stock at the front of the store, and dash back down below. Opening the meat freezer, they manage to lure the giant spiders into the locker (or as many as they believe are around in the meat shoppe and its environs) with the meat as bait.

Amanda, Jessica, and Harrison receive some unexpected aid getting to the street once more, as the SAS have arrived on the scene, and after a quick chat with DI Skinner come to the players assistance, firing at any giant spider that dares to approach them. Amanda protests the killing of the creatures, as they are worthy specimens for study, but Captain Foster, in charge of the Home Office troops, says that they are a threat to the public, and need to be eliminated. He asks the three player characters if they know the source of the "infection", and they deny doing so, but DI Skinner tells Foster about the light that the characters saw at the coal bin in the alley. Foster and his men head down the alley, the sound of gunfire and the like erupting. Amanda and Harrison cautiously follow the SAS troops, while Jessica remains at the alley entry, helping the police and the rest of Foster's men deal with the civilians who are now questioning gunfire in their quiet Soho suburb.

At the meat shoppe, David, Jenny, and Alexander congratulate themselves on a job well done, and start to help the shoppe assistant, Eddie, up to the main floor. They can hear the sound of gunfire, but before they can increase their pace, are attacked by three giant spiders that drop from a small alcove in the ceiling area near the stairs. David and Alexander use their fire extinguishers' last breath to kill the three giant spiders, and the characters make their way to the street. They are able to get Eddie to the ambulance that is present, and inform them that the meat shoppe owner, Sally Mantegra, is also in the shoppe and requires serious medical attention. The player characters return to where they left the others, and are happily reunited with Jessica. She tells them what's happened, and that Amanda and Harrison have gone after the SAS troops. DI Skinner is pleased to see them again, and learns what has happened to them. Alexander goes up to a Corporal, Hanrahan, that he knows, and commandeers his weapon. Now prepared, Alexander tells the others that he's going to head down the alley and find their other companions. David and Jenny decide to go with him, and feeling like a bit of a third wheel, Jessica decides to go with them as well. The four set off.

Down at the end of the alley, Amanda and Harrison are with Foster and his men, several of the technical types having managed to open the coal chute. Foster and his men along with the player characters crawl through the chute and into the coal room of the building, where they find the Anomaly. It is shimmering still, but is also pulsing, and even as they watch it seems to implode with no sound in on itself, and vanishes. Several more giant spiders attack them, and using their torches, the soldiers and Foster are able to drive them off. They find several egg nests, and are able to destroy these, and kill many more of the creatures.

The group are joined by Alexander and the others, and while the player characters have a reunion of sorts, Alexander and Foster acknowledge one another. Alexander tells him what happened at the meat shoppe, and after consulting his superiors, Foster receives orders to take several sample spiders from the frozen ones in the meat freezer, but to destroy the rest. The characters and Foster head back to the alley and street, leaving his soldiers to mop up.

When the player characters and Foster reach the street, they find that Archibald Lowrie of the Home Office is on the scene. Lowrie tells Captain Taylor that he's quite pleased with the job that he and his "people" did keeping the giant spiders contained while also being able to hide the "swirly light show" from the public, and ensuring no panic - a fact that Foster is well aware that he didn't manage himself, and that could have had serious repercussions. What's required, Lowrie says, is a bit of common sense in exercising one's duties. He tells the rest of the player characters that he's highly impressed, and that he thinks they could be of great use in dealing with these phenomena, whatever they are.

Lowrie tells Captain Taylor that he and his men are required to aid Foster and his group in cleaning up, mopping up any remaining spiders, and otherwise dealing with the situation, so Alexander is back on duty effective immmediately. Lowrie says he's also drafting Jessica Ransome to act as a media relations expert (yes, he knows who and what she is, and admits that he may have been wrong about her usefulness to "the team"), and help deal with some of the more immediate fall-out. Thinking quickly, Jessica tells him that their best bet is to claim the giant spiders were actually a very large variety of a tropical spider that got loose from a private citizen's zoo in the city. Lowrie is pleased with this quick thinking on her part, and mentally vows to keep a close eye on her, and her role on "the team".

Lowrie tells Amanda, David, and Jenny that they all seem to have their uses in this matter as well, and that he can't just let them walk away with the knowledge they have and run around and blab all about it. He says that he doesn't seem to know Harrison, but that he's handled himself well in this situation, judging from what he's seen and heard. Harrison asks what Lowrie means by this, and the Home Office man reacts rather mysteriously, saying that he'll be in touch - but in the meantime, they're not to discuss any of what has happened with anyone, especially the media! Lowrie tells the characters that other than Captain Taylor, they're free to return to their normal evenings, whatever that may be. When Amanda suggests that they might perhaps go and have a drink, the others agree - but not anywhere in Soho!

This game session wrapped up the second Primeval RPG scenario that I ran, and this one was pretty satisfying for the most part. The players handled themselves against the giant arachnids quite well, and all of them told me that they'd had a good time, despite the tension level during play at times due to the "will they, won't they survive?" elements of the game that came up. They now detest seeing the red Threat markers that I use come out on the table, but they love the game mechanic itself. The players have told me that they're finally comfortable with the game mechanics, as the Story Point mechanic is somewhat different for them compared to how the rules similar to this work in other game systems. Overall, good end to the scenario, and it should be interesting to see how the next adventure goes, though that will be interrupted by playtesting some stuff for GenCon, 2011 play.
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