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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 3

Continuing the trend this day of posting up journal entries on sessions on the Primeval RPG for the two gaming groups, here's the notes for a session of the Sunday gaming group and their first scenario of the game. This game session goes back to December 11th, 2011 or so. You can find the previous game session all the way back here in this journal entry. This post is quite long, but even if it's not, I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Timothy Carson (SteveR) is surprised to lose sight of his two companions, but he is distracted by a rustling sound as one of the creatures emerges from the foliage, teeth bared, and hissing. He backs up towards the Anomaly, and his keys, phone, and other small metallic items try to pull him into it. He tries to move cautiously and non-threateningly towards the creature, but two others emerge from the vegetation. His attempts at conciliating the animals fails, and one lunges at him several times, biting him. Timothy finally dodges the creatures by throwing himself through the Anomaly.

On the other side of the Anomaly, James Black (Douglas) sees the three creatures, and quickly checks to make sure that the Anomaly is still there. Carefully, he moves around the Anomaly, and attempts to position it between himself and the creatures. Gwendolyn Thorpe (Tammy) emerges through the Anomaly, and sees the creatures. She tries to calm the beasties down, and is partially successful...

...but Timothy emerges from the Anomaly, bowling her over and knocking her to the ground, and into close range with one of the creatures. There is a horrific crack, as Timothy realises that he has broken one of the creature eggs! Three of the creatures attack Timothy in a pack, but with some luck [and the expenditure of 3 Story Points!] he manages to dive back through the Anomaly! Without thinking, and seeing the creatures somewhat frenzied and gathering to attack, James grapples Gwendolyn, and then drags her back through the Anomaly.

Timothy emerges back through the Anomaly in the present, and hears the sounds of people calling and sees torches waving about. Before he can react, he is bowled over as Gwendolyn and James come barreling through the Anomaly.

The player characters notice that it is suddenly night, and watch as the Anomaly pulses and then vanishes. They try to disentangle themselves, and Timothy can't rise due to the various injuries he's sustained at the teeth and claws of the creature. Several of London's finest approach the characters with torches, and tell them not to move. They are approached by an inspector, Detective Inspector Greene, who questions them but learns very little. He does surprise the characters when he informs them that they've been missing for some eight hours. He tells Gwendolyn that they found her ribbon marker and the bones. As he talks to the characters, he realises they know little, are hiding something, but he doesn't reveal all that much to them in return.

Gwendolyn's sharp senses catch a glimpse of several of the creatures in the trees, but when she brings it to DI Greene's attention in a whisper and he looks, he sees nothing. He sends several of the bobbies off to search, and tells the sergeant, Carter, to deploy the four Special Air Service (SAS) troops, and then leaves the other gentleman present, a Mr. Hunter, to keep an eye on the player characters. Hunter questions the characters again, a bit more comprehensively, and gets a mishmash of descriptions of implausible creatures. He notes, quite observantly, that Timothy's bite marks seem more crocodilian than dog-or lizard-like, though he learns from Gwendolyn that they seem able to climb.

Everyone hears several screams, but only the player characters notice the reappearance of the Anomaly, as the various non-player characters head off in search-and-rescue operations. James picks Timothy up, and heads away from the Anomaly. Gwendolyn looks around and sees a fast moving, shadowy figure, and hears another pair of screams. She dashes after Timothy and James, and the group hears gunfire split the night.

The player characters stop to catch their breath, and Gwendolyn applies some first aid to Timothy's injuries, while James keeps an eye on their surroundings. Gwendolyn uses her mini-torch and looks arounds, and sees that they are even deeper into the parkland, and that there are no animal noises.

There is suddenly a rustling sound and a snap of branches, and one of the creatures charges through the brush. Timothy and James dodge the beast, and Gwendolyn blinds it with her mini-torch [spending a Story Point to do so]. James kicks the creature, but that only makes it angrier. It attacks James, and injures him. Gwendolyn looks around, and sees another of the creatures, as James continues to fight the one that he's got to deal with. Gwendolyn tries to lure the second one away, and her plan almost works, but Timothy knocks its mate out. The creature charges at Timothy, and almost fatally injures him. James knocks out the one he's dealing with a solid blow to the head, and Gwendolyn succeeds at knocking out the mate. Gwendolyn tells James to carry the others back to the Anomaly, and that hopefully the rest of the creatures will follow them as well. She goes and administers first aid to Timothy, while James does as she asked. He reaches the Anomaly, and sees Mr. Hunter with the other two creatures from the earlier attack. The creatures go through the Anomaly, and not a moment too soon, as it once more pulses and fades away.

Back at the area where Gwendolyn discovered the bones, she and Timothy arrive, and join James who is already there with Mr. Hunter. They discuss the creatures. Hunter tells James that whatever killed whoever it is whose bones they found, it was not these "proto-dinosaur" creatures that they encountered in the park. Hunter does tell the characters that two of the bobbies were killed by the creatures they encountered, but that the situation resulted in less casualties than he expected. They discuss a few other matters, but Hunter remains rather close-mouthed about all manner of subjects.

Eventually, the player characters are interrogated down at the Nick for a couple of hours by the police and DI Greene, but Gwendolyn and Timothy are released after a couple of hours, though James is questioned for another four hours due to his criminal record.

The next morning, the newspaper headline reads: "Two police officers killed by crocs escaped from the zoo".

This wrapped up the first scenario for the Sunday gaming group in the Primeval RPG, and I thought the adventure went rather well. This was the same first adventure as the Friday night group had gone through, so there were some differences in how the game situations were handled, but the Sunday group did a pretty good job working with what they had and the characters they had. Of the three characters, Tammy's Gwen Thorpe seems to be the most competent and Tammy is the most able of the three players. spross struggled with his character and didn't seem to know what to do or what his character is. Douglas was, as usual, the strongman of the group, though the character's ex-con background makes him difficult to work in and is giving me fits as to how I'm going to have him involved with the Home Office (if I even do at all). Anyway, a good time was had by all in this one, and that's really all that matters.
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