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Lovely Friday Morning

The weather outside is cold and clear, with sun all over the place, reflecting off the white, white snow.

Don't have to go to work today, as I'm still on Christmas holidays until next week.

So I exercised my right to holidays, and am relaxing at home with Tylenol and a warm heating pad on my upper back. Been doing a bit of reading over breakfast, and plan now to check e-mail, see what's happening in the world of the internet, and that sort of thing.

I'm planning to go to the retirement home to have lunch with my mother this afternoon, preferably while they're ploughing the parking lot out, and then have the Friday night gaming group with the Primeval RPG this evening, but otherwise plan to relax, read some more, maybe do some game stats, and generally just take it kind of easy.

Need time for my body to heal a bit. Well, that and do some housecleaning (if I can get my back to cooperate).
Tags: back pain, car, food, friday gaming group, gaming, holiday, lunch, mom, ottawa, parking, personal, pills, primeval rpg, relax, retirement home, rpg, weather

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