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A Good Weekend

The weekend was, to say the least, interesting.

Sometimes I let my moods and attitudes get the better of me. Strangely enough, I wasn't all that depressed about things most of the weekend for various reasons.

The Friday night game session of Dying Earth did a good job of making me laugh and forget my cares for the night, and we followed this up with what the Friday nighters now call the Friday Night Film Noir Midnight Madness Hour. After gaming Dying Earth, we spent another hour or so watching the film noir masterpiece, Out of the Past, with Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, and Kirk Douglas. Plans are already afoot for next Friday's movie, as well. :)

Saturday, I spent some time doing a bit of research on the Actos drug thing, and spoke to my sister, Diana, in Philadelphia. She's a pediatrician who works with some diabetic patients, so she was able to tell me a bit more about the side effects of Actos. I also got a few answers back from the two Yahoogroups that I subscribe to, Diabetes and Diabetes International (both of which are very useful communities for those with diabetes, and I highly recommend them, but be warned the volume of daily traffic on them is quite high). Between calming down somewhat from the appointment at the Diabetes Clinic the day before and some of the reassuring words, I decided to take the first dose of Actos Saturday night.

Sunday, spross and Tammy came over for the game as usual, and I was supposed to run Dying Earth, but the new guy, Jason, didn't show up due to illness and/or forgetfulness. So, I was able to finish the scenario of Faery's Tale that I had started them in two weeks or go or so, and that went over well. We then started talking about The Edge of Midnight rpg, and spross decided to drive Tammy nuts with some talk about noir slang. We broke up around 4:45 pm, and after they took off, I planned out supper - made some chicken schnitzel with veggies and stuff. Took the second dose of Actos with supper, since that was what the pharmacist recommended.

I spent the evening re-watching Out of the Past, and then watched the Commentary version of the film, and learned some neat stuff about the making of the movie and all. Takes my mind off stuff, and I seem to be doing all right today.

Had my flu shot on my way in to work today, and went for a haircut on the way home. My arm hurts a bit from the shot, but other than that life is good today.
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