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Sunday Morning Stuff


The best laid plans of mice and men...

I had meant to do some work on Sunday's gaming (in the event that we did game) last night, but after writing the evening blog entry, I couldn't concentrate on the computer, so I went to bed and read a bit of the December Locus magazine, but fell asleep with it in my hands close to 11:00 pm.

Got up this morning to find that the snow is coming down, on and off, like nobody's business, so I don't know if we're going to be gaming this afternoon. With Douglas's abrupt departure from the gaming group, this leaves the Sunday group with spross and Tammy, and the former has to come in from Vernon if we're going to game this afternoon. I hope we are, because I'm looking forward to running the Primeval RPG session this afternoon.

It's still coming down, swirling snow and all, outside, so after I come out of the shower, I'll give spross and Tammy a call and see what's shaking out for the afternoon.

In the meantime, croissant and café au lait awaits for breakfast. :)
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