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Good News, Bad News

There's good news and bad news.

The good news: The Sunday group played this afternoon.

The gaming session of the Primeval RPG went off very nicely. I called spross and Tammy right after I got out of the shower, and they both agreed that they wanted to play and would be out despite the snowy conditions. The players had Douglas's character, Jimmy Black, at hand to play, but we're in the process of getting him out of the game, as it's just another character that I would have to play. The session went pretty well for the most part, and the two players are dealing with the situation quite well; it's been a couple of years since the the Sunday group was down to two players, so spross and Tammy had a bit of struggle today to get used to it. However, the session was quite good.

The bad news: I should not have vacuumed.

spross got here early enough that I had already eaten lunch. He gave me a hand moving furniture in the living and dining room, and I did the vacuuming, which was well overdue, but in the process, I've hurt my back even more than it was bothering me before. I got through the gaming session this afternoon, but after the players left for the day, I collapsed on the bed for 45 minutes, and did not get up until I felt I had to do something about supper.

I did the dishes, and have been lying on the bed and on the living room floor for the last few hours, just trying to relax, let the pills and ice pack do their job, and just...chilling out. Did a bit of reading, but the pills make me woozy and a bit dopey, so I'm going to crash now and go to bed and try and get a night's sleep.
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