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Copies of HttLW Arrived!

Home from work and the hospital for the day, and received a pleasant surprise in the snail mail.

My two copies of the Heirs to the Lost World RPG showed up at the house as I arrived. Very nice. As you can see from the photo below.


There's some enjoyable and quite pleasant reading ahead of me with this game, as I can see. And I've also received several Aztec culture books in the snail mail as well. Lots of good reading ahead. However, contrary to what was said on the website where I ordered the game, the">Heirs to the Lost World</a> rulebook is *not* an 8-1/2" x 11" book; it's 8" x 10" for some reason. Ah, well, it's a pretty good-looking book, to be honest. Now to convince the game writer to do a hardcover of this pretty, pretty book... :)
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