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New Heirs to the Lost World RPG Mailing List

In honour of the arrival of my two copies of the Heirs to the Lost World roleplaying game yesterday in the snail mail, and because of the fact that there is no forum or mailing list for the game out there in Internetland, I have launched and created a Yahoogroup devoted to the game. The URL for the Yahoogroup is

Note that membership is required for participating in this group, and all potential members who wish to join the mailing list must be approved by the Moderator. However, the Archives of this mailing list are open to the public.

I'd like to invite anyone who is interested in the game and its fascinating take on alternate history to join up to the list and participate in discussion about this fascinating game world created by the folks at Obsidian Serpent Games.

Hope to see you in the jungles and the temples... :)
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