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Home on a Friday

Home from work after what seems like a very long day.

Work wasn't all that busy today, though there were a couple of hours here and there that seemed more hectic than usual. My boss was in something of a fury today, for reasons that he didn't share with any of us, but it made the Friday work day absolutely hellish at any time he was around us.

The freezing rain that's been plaguing the city of Ottawa for the day certainly made the drive in to work and the drive home from work...interesting. The City of Ottawa did their best to keep the roads relatively clean, but it was still an interesting drive.

I've got most of the afternoon to relax a bit, make some supper, and prepare for the Friday gaming group. They've decided to come out to my place to game tonight, and I really appreciate this a lot. I'm looking forward to continue the ongoing Friday night Primeval RPG game tonight, and can't wait. Meanwhile, the breakfast dishes beckon.
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