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Sunday Afternoon Game Session

spross has just left my house, after dropping me off here. We finished gaming this afternoon, and then he took me over to Farm Boy to grab a cucumber and some green beans to have with supper. (Yes, I forgot them when we went shopping yesterday.)

The afternoon gaming session of the Sunday group (if two can be called a "group") went...well. Not great, but well. spross and Tammy wrapped up their fourth Primeval RPG scenario, and I'm actually glad that it's over. The scenario was one or two sessions longer than it should have been, as all of the sub-plot that I set up with Douglas (who has left the group) went to waste, and a couple of other sequences went way too long. The scenario ended on a relatively positive note, spoiled only by a couple of things during the handing out Experience Points bit at the very end. I was able to put a final stamp on James "Jimmy" Black, Douglas's character, as he died during the final, climactic fight scene with the creatures near the end of the adventure. Once again, I'll be blogging about the game session as soon as I manage to do some catching up on transcribing of notes and that sort of thing.

In the meantime, off to make some supper.
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