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After Doctor Appointment

Just got back home from the doctor's office via one of the local groceries to purchase some pre-packaged lettuce, as I've run out of it. I also made a stop at mom's house to drop off a couple of things I picked up for her at the grocery store, and also managed to go and have some lunch at one of my favourite small eateries.

The news from the doctor is good, sort of.

You remember all those massive numbers of tests that I've had at hospitals and clinics over the last little while? They're all...inconclusive. There's no indication of what's been causing the swelling of the left side of my neck. He's decided that if the condition persists into the summer, it might be time for me to see an ENT specialist.

I seem to be holding my own against the diabetes, but he'll wait to hear what the specialist at the Diabetes Clinic has to say after my next appointment.

My bowels are my bowels, and it's just a matter of being somewhat careful what I eat and stick to something of a diabetes-healthy diet.

And yes, my back is definitely compromised, but short of an actual appointment with a neurologist and a spinal specialist, the best advice he could give me was to go back to a chiropractor and have some treatment when it gets bad. Oh, and don't shovel snow and don't lift heavy objects. Riiiiight.

Oh, and I may have a minor case of flu (that the shot didn't protect against). Since it seems to be all the rage in Ottawa right now, another non-surprise.

So the news is pretty good, and I can't say I'm surprised by any of it.

Just have to muddle through day-to-day, and deal with whatever gets thrown at me health-wise. Oh, and try to be less accident prone and more careful about certain things, of course. :)
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