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Of Weather and Work

Woke up this morning, and had a nice hot breakfast of steel cut oats with a yogurt and a cup of decaf coffee. Good thing, too, the hot meal that is, as the temperature when I left for work was around -60C. Chilly. But not as chilly as it's supposed to get the end of the week. Winter may be making a return to the Ottawa valley shortly, methinks.

The boss is off work for today, so we huddled masses are on our own and doing our jobs for the day. This is not a bad thing, as Goddess knows, I have enough work on my desk to take care of. I forgot to bring my lunch with me, so today I'll have to make do and find something out and about. Ah well, a brisk walk...err, a walk in the brisk weather will do me good.

Hot chai tea. ::sip, sip:: Gotta love it.
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