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In the Midst of Desolation...

Friday night's gaming session was very interesting and a load of fun. While the gaming group had gotten their characters done for The Edge of Midnight, the fantasy noir rpg game produced by Edge of Midnight Press, they decided not to play that after all. They had played a couple of sessions back in January (!!) when I first ran it, and liked it, but found they wanted to play something lighter in feel at that time than EoM, so we had switched to Hollow Earth Expedition.

Suffice it to say, the Friday night players decided they wanted to play the forthcoming, still in playtest, post-apocalyptic fantasy (or should that be fantasy post-apocalyptic?) rpg Desolation rpg. While I was hesitant about running the game, let alone creating characters for it, I was game, since the setting intrigues me, and to be honest, I've wanted to run a fantasy rpg using the Ubiquity system (the system used for Hollow Earth Expedition) for quite some time now. Since I first started playtesting Desolation, in fact. So, they talked me into it quite easily.

I'll go into a separate post some other time about the characters that the Friday nighters are playing, but suffice it to say that they have gotten into the mood, and the "feel" of Desolation very nicely. The first session was a simple one tonight, involving the characters in the disappearance of several items and people from the town they are starting in. The characters' stories are all starting to converge very nicely around the mystery that I've set up for them (I'm not going into details here, since I know that some of the players read this blog even though they don't have their own blogs <hint, hint!>), and it's really working out well.

Last night's Friday's Film Noir Midnight Madness movie was The Narrow Margin. a 1952 classic that shows some of the best elements of film noir, and stars Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor, and Jacqueline White. Lovely movie, largely set on a train, with some neat plot twists and all. The group rather enjoyed it, and Joanne said afterward that this was one of her favourites that we've screened over the last few weeks.

The Sunday afternoon group will be creating characters for The Edge of Midnight rpg tomorrow, and I'm hoping that Jason decides to put in an appearance, but we'll see. It'll be interesting since Tammy's got no familiarity with noir at all (although I've sent her a few links to check out and read on the 'net), while spross's familiarity with the genre seems to be more from the crime thrillers and police procedurals of the period.

Oh, and if anyone has any noir or film noir links they would like to share, please do. :)
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