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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Woke up this morning to find that winter was definitely back in Ottawa. There was no snowfall, but the temperature was bitterly cold, -25oC, with a wind chill of -34o. Brrrrrr!!!

After a hot breakfast of steel cut oats, I managed to start the car and went in to work. Several of my fellow co-workers are not in the office today, as the flu bug is rampaging through my co-workers, though I seem all right, other than a winter cold type thing. Thank Goddess I had the flu shot this year.

My boss is in a fine mood this morning, so that's okay. Just means that one has to hope nothing aggravates him, so... On with the job and the like.

Oh, and I see by the Weather Network that the temperature outside is still bitter, -23oC, with a wind chill of -31oC.

Baby, it's cold outside. Thank Goddess for hot chai tea. (Among other hot drinks.)
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