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Saturday Evening Rambling

Went downtown this afternoon with spross and headed over to Fandom II.

This was to ostensibly buy some six-sided dice in a nice red colour for when I run the Heirs to the Lost World roleplaying game, as one needs sets of dice of the same colour. Needless to say, they didn't have the sets of dice that I wanted in a larger size, only the ones in the smaller format or small format dice in a box of x number of dice.

I also went into Fandom II so that spross could get them to post up on the "Gamers Wanted" wall the poster and notification that I'm looking for some players for the Sunday gaming group. With some luck, I'll get some players for the Desolation, Primeval RPG, and Heirs to the Lost World games that I'll be running for the foreseeable future on Sundays. I really do hope something comes of this. It would be nice to have more than spross and Tammy playing on Sundays. I did see and chatted with dewline at Fandom II, and we had a decent chat about things, as he's quite bright and knowledgeable about a lot of subjects, and that was pleasant.

Since I didn't find the dice I was looking for at Fandom II, I suggested to spross that we go over to Strategy Games and see what they had. Sure enough, I found some lovely coral red six-sided dice that were just what I was looking for, and bought ten of those lovely d6s for use with the game.

From there, it was back home. The plan tonight was to go to supper with my mother (who is up and about again, albeit slowly) and my sister (who flew in from the U.S. again for a couple of days). Diana wanted to go and eat Chinese, so we went over to Brother Wu again for dinner and had a lovely time. Good, decent, hot Chinese food.

In the meantime, time to see if I can get to bed early tonight and have a good night's sleep.
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