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Back Problem, Again

Woke up this morning after a very poor night's sleep.

I should have known this would happen after last night. As noted in the previous journal entry from last night, my sister is in town and she and my mother and I went out to dinner last night. Due to mom's surgery and all, Diana insisted that mom sit in the front with her, relegating me to the back seat. Right over the wheel well. The vehicle in question was an SUV that Diana rented at the airport when she arrived yesterday morning, though I don't remember the model or the make. All I can say from the drive to and from the restaurant last night was that the vehicle had no shocks, and several times I gritted my teeth in pain as we went over a pothole or a bump or whatever. I didn't think anything of it last night.

Except that this morning I'm somewhat incapacitated. I've got the spiralling pain in my left lower back and hip, going around and down my crotch, and down the left leg, and I've got pain in the thigh muscles (both front and back or sides or whatever), and muscle spasms. Suffice it to say I'm in a good deal of discomfort this morning, the painkillers haven't helped, and I'm going back to bed for a while with an ice pack on my lower back. Hopefully that will help.

If this continues, it's going to make my week absolute hell.


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  • jkahane
    1 Sep 2022, 17:24
    I'm digging the early fall temperatures. I know we've got a heatwave or two to go still but this is a nice start to the month.
  • jkahane
    9 Aug 2022, 11:53
    I just can't go to a big event yet. I'd be so stressed that I wouldn't have fun.

    People are determined to say that Covid is over or that we all just have to live with it and no one understands what…
  • jkahane
    5 Aug 2022, 22:10
    hehe It's the second book in the series about Zoey, but to be honest, I found the humour in this second book a bit too much for my taste. That said, absolutely crazy stuff happens in this one (not…
  • jkahane
    5 Aug 2022, 22:05
    Well, at GenCon they're checking peoples' vaccination status and actually administering vax doses (I guess Indiana Health or some such?) and people are wearing vax bracelets showing their condition…
  • jkahane
    5 Aug 2022, 22:01
    Of course you do! :) Heck, *I* want one! :)

    I really do want to run Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying. The Friday night group will play the game, but on Sundays, I don't know how to convince…
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