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Sunday Morning, No Gaming Group Today, Other Stuff

Having a pretty miserable day of it so far. (As per the first post of the morning, and re-emergence of the back problem due to last night.)

I had already cancelled today, Sunday's, gaming session with the Sunday gaming group for a variety of reasons, so there's no Primeval RPG game session today. In all honesty, with just the two players in spross and Tammy, I'm not going to cry about it at all today, and it frees me up to do some other stuff and get a bit of rest.

I've got to go out this afternoon and do a bit of grocery shopping, and spross is supposed to come and help me with that. If he decides not to come out, then I'll have to manage to do the grocery shopping on my own today. Though I'm not sure I can drive, let alone that I should drive.

Anyway, we'll see how things shape up. One hour at a time right now, is my philosophy.
Tags: back pain, cancelled, car, driving, friday gaming group, gaming, grocery shopping, health hut, personal, primeval rpg, rpg hut

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