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Home to the Warm House

Just home from taking care of the grocery shopping.

I thought I wasn't going to be able to get into the car when I unlocked the door in order to get into the car and start it. A couple of well-placed kicks to the edges of the door, and the door opened fine. Traffic was pretty light on the roads, considering, but to be honest, the bitterness of the wind chill was what made this unenjoyable for me. I was dressed warmly enough, but it was still extremely nippy out there, to be honest. My back felt kind of good once it was exposed to the cold, though.

I went into Farm Boy, Giant Tiger, and Loblaws to do the shopping I needed to do, and found most of what I was looking for. Got home about fifteen minutes ago, unpacked the groceries and stowed them where they needed to go, and have put a hot cup of tea on. Going to take the rest of the afternoon off and relax, and just do nothing. Need to get away from the gaming stuff for a day or so, so why not today, Sunday? :)

My back, hip, and left thigh area are hurting something fierce, so an ice pack is feeling good just now, but I'll have to move it when I get up from the computer to get the tea. In the meantime, soothing...
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