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Another Brrrrrrr! Day in Ottawa

Absolutely brutal weather here in the Ottawa valley at the moment.

Woke up this morning for work, and the temperature was -21oC with a wind chill of -30oC. Brrrrrr!!! Managed to get the car started for work, so that wasn't too bad. The drive in to work was all right, though I have to say that the roads were a bit messy after the snowfall last night (though it was powdery and dry so easy to get off the car because of the temperature).

Sitting here in the office and wearing a pair of fingertip-less gloves on my hands to stay a bit warmer. The boss is in fine fettle this morning, so the job is a bit easier mood-wise today. Hope it continues like this.

In the meantime, a cup of chai tea is in order.
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