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Footcare Thoughts

Just got home from the foot clinic.

My feet continue to be somewhat problematic, in terms of cutting the two pinkie nails. The blood vessels are very close to the surface on those nails, and I often bleed and have a burning ache in those two toe nails when the process is done. Today is no exception.

The bottoms of my feet are very dry, as the foot specialist told me, and that's not good to have in the winter. She recommended several foot creams and protective lotions, and so I'll pick up one of these as soon as I get a few minutes of time to do so. Other than that, my feet and the toe nails are fine. :)

I managed to get a cab at the foot clinic rather quickly, and so have gotten home in good time. Needless to say, when I went out and tried to start the car again now, it started just fine, with a bit of an attempt at doing so. *sigh* Money in, money out, as they say.
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