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The Heirs to the Lost World PDF Game Leader Screen

Went out to do a bit of grocery shopping with spross this afternoon.

Let me preface the next bit...

Over in personal e-mail, I've been talking to Chad Davidson, the designer of the Heirs to the Lost World RPG, about the game and I mentioned the tables that are useful when actually running the game, and wondered if Chad would be doing a GM (in this case GD, or Game Director) Screen for the game. He said that he wouldn't due to the costs on GM Screens, but that a PDF of it might work. I asked him for a landscape format PDF of a Screen, and Chad delivered. spross actually brought me the colour printouts of the PDF Heirs to the Lost World Game Director Screen in landscape format that Chad did up, and boy does it look nice. Here's what the exterior of the GD Screen looks like.


And here's what the interior of the GD Screen looks like.


Let me add that there is also a version of the GD Screen in portrait PDF format as well, but I don't know whether Chad intends to distribute the GD Screen in the two formats, and if so how this will be handled.

Suffice it to say, lovely job by Chad, and this will make it easier and speak volumes about what I'm running at CanGames this year. :)

Time to wash up some of the dishes, and relax for the evening.
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