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No Gaming Today (Sunday)

Woke up this morning feeling stuffed, throaty, and coughing more than I was on Saturday. Probably didn't help myself going out to do the shopping on Saturday, but such is life. I managed to eat croissant and café au lait for breakfast, and had a bowl of soup with a cheese sandwich for lunch.

I'm not feeling up to running any games today, so I cancelled the Sunday gaming session last night, though spross said he would come by today anyway.

I plan on reading some more of the Heirs to the Lost World rulebook today, and possibly try and create my first character or two for the game system. I really need to get my head in gear with the game, as I've got to start writing the scenario for CanGames in May sooner rather than later.

Ah well, one step at a time. We'll see how the day goes, but I also need to do some laundry today (again).
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