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The Weekend That Was

I don't really know how to describe the weekend that was.

I was up somewhat early, given the board gaming on Friday night, and felt the the cold that I'm suffering from gaining strength. Started to feel an itch and scratch at the back of my throat, and started to sniffle and cough a bit. Spent the morning and early afternoon puttering around a bit and doing a bit of reading and laundry.

spross came over after he got off work, and had the printouts for some stuff, including the Heirs to the Lost World Game Director (GD) Screen that he printed out for me (you can see the blog entry with a couple of photos of it, if you're interested), and then we went out and did some minor grocery shopping; seemed minor, anyway, even if I did spend some $35 on groceries!

He dropped me off at the house, and lo and behold, my mother was there, having just dropped off a couple of things and come to pick up Saturday's newspaper. She didn't stay, as she was pretty tired, and I made supper for myself. I don't even remember what I ate for supper that night, that's how addled my brain and head are from this cold thing I've got.

I spent the evening doing another load of laundry, and getting a bit of reading in. I'm still reading the Heirs to the Lost World game rulebook, and managed to read a pair of long chapters and have almost finished the first part of the book which deals primarily with game mechanics.

Woke up on Sunday to feeling stuffed, throaty, and coughing more than I was on Saturday. Probably didn't help myself going out to do the shopping on Saturday, but such is life. I managed to eat croissant and café au lait for breakfast, and had a bowl of soup with a cheese sandwich for lunch. I wasn't up to running any games Sunday, so had cancelled the gaming group, and planned to do some more reading of the Heirs to the Lost World game book, and possibly try and create my first character for the game system.

spross decided to come over for the afternoon, as he wanted to see more about the game system, and I had planned to create a character or two for the game, so got him to create one as well. His decision-making and planning of the character was so slow that I only got one sample character created for the game myself, rather than the two or three that I had hoped for, but it was a pretty good learning experience all told.

After spross left for home, I turned on the tv and watched the NHL game between the Ottawa Senators and the Pittsburgh Penguins (Ottawa lost 2-1 in shootout), made supper (spaghetti and sauce, with a small side salad), and then watched the second disc of the second season of Body of Proof DVD set (five episodes and three special features on special effects). Given some of the changes that I hear are in store for Season Three of the series, I need to catch up on last season before the new stuff starts to air.

Went to bed around midnight, as the cold symptoms are keeping me awake, though I did take some cough syrup and a couple of Tylenols, and that seemed to help. You know the rest.
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