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Post Eye Appointment

Finally getting in a bit of lunch here at the office.

The Eye Clinic appointment went as to be expected.

The good news is that my eyes haven't changed all that much in the year that just passed. My left eye has gotten a bit stronger for some reason, but there's no change to the right eye. Additionally, I have no symptoms of retinopathy (due to the diabetes), and everything appears to be ship shape with my eyes. There's a swelling on both my eyelids but the doctor said there's nothing to worry about there. Unless it persists or gets worse.

The bad news is that I can't see all that well now because of the eye drops and tests. The left eye, from which they took the sample of eye fluid, hurts like hell, even through the freezing drops. My eyes are widely dilated (and will be for the next four more hours or so) so everything is bright, slightly blurry, and I can't read or anything (something my boss is not so pleased about right now). And when I'm outside, add the snow glare to it, and well... Definitely should not be driving.

I am wearing sunglasses here in the office, to the regalement of my co-workers and Donna. They keep making jokes and puns about the situation, and are making sure to play any music or songs that are appropos. That said, I've gotten a bit of a headache, so am about to take some Tylenol before I eat lunch.

Then, back to work.

(And I hope there aren't too many errors in this entry, since I can't really see clearly at the moment, so the spellchecker won't actually help.)
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