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Friday Night Game Session

Up this morning way too early, after getting back from Ottawa's west end around 1:00 am. I see there's snow coming down outside, though it's just a light dusting.

Gaming last night with the Friday night group was really neat. The Friday night gamers began their Heirs to the Lost World RPG campaign with character creation. I was somewhat worried about how the process would go, and it was tough at times, but I needn't have worried. The Friday night players work around the table as a group, a team, a bunch of friends, and they managed to create a group of player characters that had lots of stuff in common while still making the characters individual and a good mix of abilities.

Suffice it to say, character generation was pretty interesting, though frustrating and annoying at times, for the players. I'll post a bit more about the details of what occurred during character generation in a separate blog entry, but for now, had a good evening.
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