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Sunday Game Hiatus

Heard from spross last night, and he informed me that he wouldn't have a car available for today, so that means he won't be out for gaming today.

The thing is, with a gaming group consisting of only two players, that means half the gaming group would be missing today. Since the players were about to start the character creation process for the Heirs to the Lost World RPG today, it doesn't make any sense to do that with just Tammy.

So there will be no Sunday gaming group meeting today. spross and Tammy will create their characters next week, I guess, and for now, I've got the day off from gaming to do other things. All I want to do is relax, and just deal with ice on my sprained ankle and a bit of reading and watching of dvds. 'Nuff said.
Tags: cancelled, character creation, gaming, heirs to the lost world, personal, rpg hut, sunday gaming group

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