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Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

Woke up this morning with a bit of a scratchy throat, and a tightness in my chest. Hope I didn't catch whatever the bug is that girl at the haircut place had. (See this blog entry for more on that.)

Weather was extremely cold when I got up, down in the -23oC range, and the wind chill was even worse. Had hot oatmeal for breakfast with a good cup of coffee and some orange slices, and then braved the weather and came in to work.

Work is... work. The boss is here, and this morning he's in a relatively calm, quiet mood. Hope that continues. There's not a lot of stuff piled up on my desk here to get to, so I can relax a bit this morning and work my way through it.

Tonight promises to be busy night of television for me. First of all, there's the NHL hockey game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators. There's also the final episodes of Emily Owens M.D., one of my favourite new tv series of 2012/2013, cancelled after thirteen episodes. And then at 10:00 pm, there is the latest episode of Primeval: New World, that I'm rather looking forward to in the aftermath of last week's episode (that I reviewed here).

So a good, relaxing night ahead. I hope. :)
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