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Friday Night Gaming Cancelled

Snow is continuing to fall here in the Ottawa valley, and judging from when I went out of the house after I finished work here for the day to clean off the car and get the snail mail, it's pretty bad out and the roads aren't good.

Heard from the Friday night group about ten (10) minutes ago. We aren't going to be gaming tonight, as most of them don't want to risk it and the ones who were sick with flu are recovered, but don't want to take any chances.

So there will be no gaming tonight, and thus no Heirs to the Lost World RPG play this evening.

While I'm sad not to be gaming, I'm going to take advantage of this tonight and watch some DVD. I think one of the Doctor Who DVDs that I've not watched yet, "The Ambassadors of Death" with Jon Pertwee, perhaps. :)
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