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Monday Morning Stuff

Monday morning. The first day of the work week.

I either find Monday mornings to be exhilarating or depressing, depending. It's the first day of the week, so it's full of promise, but at the same time one knows that one has another week ahead of work and trying to keep up with stuff that one wants to.

Work this morning has been fine. I find myself in a position of having a new boss starting work this morning, though he's not yet arrived. I don't know whether it will be a he or a she, but in the meantime, I've just got to get on with work for the morning. Looking forward to a hot lunch today, as it's the kind of day weather-wise in Ottawa that puts the chill in my bones.

In the meantime, some hot chai tea and more paperwork. Life goes on.


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  • jkahane
    4 May 2023, 14:53
    It's like that quote from The Neverending Story: "It has to hurt if it's to heal!" I say that to myself when things are rough.

    The pandemic absolutely hit healthcare really hard, and still is since…
  • jkahane
    3 May 2023, 20:01
    Yep, the foot ulcer is definitely scary to deal with, and is beyond uncomfortable. The chiropodist told me at my last appointment a week or so ago that the pain always gets worse as the healing…
  • jkahane
    2 May 2023, 13:20
    I'm sorry that your foot is causing you so many issues. A foot ulcer sounds scary to deal with as well as uncomfortable.

    Our health care system is rough and I think it's going to get worse before…
  • jkahane
    9 Apr 2023, 16:22
    My pleasure! Hope it was a good day for you! :)
  • jkahane
    8 Apr 2023, 19:49
    I've definitely been napping more this long weekend. The season is starting to turn and I think it's going to be beautiful out next week. Still my body wants naps so that's what I'm doing.

    I don't…
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