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Rough Sunday Game Session

Gaming is over for a Sunday, for which I am grateful.

The Sunday afternoon players met up for another gaming session this afternoon, which was going to involve character creation for the a|state RPG. I thought that the process would be rather...swiftly completed, simply because the Sunday players, spross and Tammy, had player characters that were complete and ready to be played.

Shows what I know/knew. While Tammy's character was pretty much intact as is, and she merely made a few alterations to some of her basic background and the like, spross's character background was a bit of a mess. This stemmed from the fact that most of his background was generic in nature, without any real depth and answers to questions that start with the letter "W". Suffice it to say, we spent almost four hours going through the character background with spross, and he's only half-way through the background material. So a|state character (re-)creation will continue next Sunday, Goddess willing.
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