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Hump Day Thoughts

It's Hump Day once more, and that means we're half-way through the week. Doesn't quite feel like that, given that Monday was a holiday here in Ontario. Still, I'll take what I can.

Woke up this morning and prepared to go to work with the unfortunate prospect of having to unbury my car. There was quite a bit of snow yesterday and overnight, and as such, I had to clean off the car before going to work again. Didn't help my back all that much unfortunately. Serious pain down my left leg at the moment.

Once I arrived at work, I found a stack of material on my desk, waiting for my attention. So I've been somewhat busy with that this morning, but it's kept my thoughts off my mother, who's been deteriorating somewhat this week. Despite being in the hospital, and despite the doctors telling her that she's better than she was when she was admitted. In case you hadn't figured it out, I'm worried.

In the meantime, just trying to get through the day.
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