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Back From the Doctor's Office

Home from the doctor's office.

He saw me pretty quickly this morning, as I was fit into the schedule which was pretty light.

He checked me out, and told me that my chest is clear, so there's no need for an x-ray. My ears, nose, and throat are clear, but there's signs of an infection, likely one of the nasty viruses that is going around right now.

He said to stay home and not go to work for the rest of the week, to take it easy, and drink plenty of fluids. If things get worse, I should go to the hospital. And then he told me that I cannot go to the hospital to visit mom, as I might infect her with the bug, and make things much worse at her end.

Anyway, I got back to the house some twenty minutes ago, had a nice, hot drink of chai tea, and am about to go in the shower after I write this entry. Then back to bed for a bit, and catch up on some sleep.
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