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Hollywood Reporter Says SPACE Cancels Primeval: New World

Well, the news has finally come down, seemingly, and it's not good. The SPACE Channel here in Canada has axed Primeval: New World and there will be no second season.

Canada's Space Channel Cancels Primeval: New World

While I can't speak to the reliability of the site, though it's got good vibes in the business, it's strange that SPACE Channel and Impossible Pictures haven't said anything about this yet.

If this is true, I think that it's sad as the series had a good amount of potential, but needs a serious retooling and rethinking of some of the elements of the show if it were to go to a second season. Things had potential at the end of the first season's run, and some intriguing plots really needed to be screened in a second season of the show.

That said, perhaps we have to live in the hope that someone else picks up the series, and decides to go with another season for the show, and perhaps retool it.

Note: This information has now been confirmed on the official Facebook page. Their post states,

Hey guys! As you may have heard, SPACE in Canada has decided to not renew the series. BUT our producers are in talks with other international broadcasters and partners (did you know we're sold in 17 markets??). There is lots of support for PNW from fans from all over the world, and we appreciate each and every one of you. We'll share updates when we can! Thanks from the entire team.

So perhaps there is hope for the series somehow, somewhere else yet. Stay tuned! :)
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