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Space Channel Stupidity

Okay, let me get this straight...

The ratings on Canada's Space Channel for the Primeval: New World tv series weren't great, heck they weren't good. So, they cancelled the series. I understand the premise behind the cancellation... NOT!

To be honest, the series had actually picked up steam as it wended its way through the five final episodes of the first season, and was getting much better, starting to focus a bit. The acting on the series was a bit lacking in places, but even that was getting better and the characters were beginning to come to life for the viewers. Not just that, the series was finally getting ready to air in the United States, and is airing already in several other countries where the ratings appear to be adequate.

And what does Space go out and replace Primeval: New World with? Robot combat leagues; Ripper Street (which I like but isn't all that science fiction/fantasy to me; Bitten, a series based on the Kelley Armstrong series of vampire/werewolf novels (oh, no! not another series about those!), and...and... airing the Castle detective series with Nathan Filion from the beginning!! Now don't get me wrong, I liked Castle for a couple of seasons until they had the two characters sleep together (ooooh, spoilers!), but on Space????


Primeval: New World, like its British parent show, is one of those series that you can't just give 13 episodes and expect it to get massive ratings on a station that hasn't really done all that much advertising and distribution of the series. Not to mention, it didn't actually concentrate on what made the original UK series so good - the Anomalies and dinosaurs/prehistoric beasties.

Frankly, I think this is just an absolute travesty, and I really hope that the series goes on to find a new home with a tv company that actually respects what they were trying to do with this show. So here's hoping that Primeval: New World surfaces somewhere else, and puts Space and what they did to it to shame.

In the meantime, I guess I can do nothing but await the arrival of the series DVDs.
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