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No Gaming Today (Sunday)

Still pretty sick on this Sunday morning. Hacking away, stuffed head, chest hurts, very little vocal range, etc..

I can, on the other hand, say that I'm not feeling extremely ill (::knock on wood::), since when I feel that way I have no appetite and don't eat all that much, if anything. And I'm still somewhat hungry and all, so I've been eating as regularly as I can. So this is good news, in a twisted sort of way.

In any event, the Sunday gaming group will not be playing today, though spross may still come around to visit for a bit. We'll see. So no gaming, and thus no a|state RPG today at all.
Tags: a|state rpg, cancelled, chest, cough, food, gaming hut, health hut, personal, rpg hut, sick, sunday gaming group

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