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Thoughts on Torchwood

Since the gaming group didn't play last night, and I was taking it easy on the couch, I thought that I would catch an episode of the BBC's Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood series again, and see if it had gotten any better. do I put this? I haven't seen Torchwood since the fourth episode, and to be honest, I can see what the appeal is for the folks watching it. Fro the male viewers, every episode that I've seen has had some gratuitous sex in it, as if the Beeb are saying, "Well, Doctor Who is for the children, but Torchwood is for the adults, so we've got to spice things we'll add nudity and sex to this one." From the female viewpoint, Captain Jack is handsome and attractive as guys go, but the female leads in the series are strong and tough and all. Add to this the fact that the episodes I've seen of the series come across as dark and twisty, well...

I have no more interest in watching any more Torchwood. There are too many series along these lines on the tube these days as is. Sorry folks, not my cup of tea. 'Nuff said.
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