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Of CanGames Pre-Reg and Groceries and...

The day has been a seriously long one.

Am dead tired, and feel sicker than before. The coughing just won't stop now for more than a few minutes, but the hot cup of tea has helped a little bit, though my head is absolutely pounding.

spross came by around 3:15 pm or so, and we were going to go grocery shopping. However, we first went downtown to Fandom II and pre-registered for CanGames 2013. The process was painless, as the pre-registration form was relatively easy to fill in, though I suspect if you were registering for any games it would have been tougher, as the guys at Fandom only had one print-out of the game listings. In this case, registering for games would be easier by doing the process on-line or printing out the pre-registration form at home, filling it out, and then taking it in to Fandom II. Anyway, enough about that, as I think I'm rambling.

Grocery shopping was the usual wonderful experience it always is (you did realise that was meant to be sarcastic, right?), made all that much worse by my condition. I was a bit scatterbrained about the process, but fortunately had a list of stuff, and spross and I managed to finish it up relatively quickly. Even with the trip down to Fandom II, he managed to get me home around 7:00 pm.

Naturally, while unpacking the groceries after I got home, I realised that I had forgotten to buy the damn toast bread, and so have none in the house now. And I'm not going to get out to get some, as the car is still buried under a goodly amount of snow.

As I said, I feel somewhat worse now, and suspect that I've made myself sicker. I guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

In the meantime, I made a light supper of soup and something else (hmm, what did I eat?), and am going to just lie down and try to rest the evening away.
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