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Book Reads in February, 2013

Almost forgot. Since it's still the beginning of the month of March... As is my standard usage of my blog space at or near the beginning of the month, I present the listing of my February, 2013 reads.

Books Read in February, 2013

Heirs to the Lost World Roleplaying Game by Chad Davidson (RPG)

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire (r)

The Beach by Alex Garland

January, 2013 Locus

December, 2012 Reader's Digest

January, 2013 Reader's Digest

a|state Lite Roleplaying Game by Malcolm Craig (PDF; RPG) (r)

Wolf Star Rise by Tanith Lee

Queen of the Wolves by Tanith Lee

The Mire End Tribune #1 by Malcolm Craig et. al. (PDF; RPG) (r)

i>The Mire End Tribune</i> #2 by Malcolm Craig et. al. (PDF; RPG) (r)

The Mire End Tribune #3 by Malcolm Craig et. al. (PDF; RPG) (r)

a|stateLite Version 2 Roleplaying Game by Malcolm Craig (PDF; RPG) (r)

Dinosaurs by Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. with Luis V. Rey

February, 2013 was not in many ways a good month of reading on my part. There were lots of roleplaying re-reads, but I definitely enjoyed my reading though it was done in spurts rather than gradually over the course of the month. Overall, I managed to read 5 novels, 2 RPGs and RPG products, 4 magazine, 0 comics, and 0 graphic novels in February. This brings the year total in 2013 to a set of numbers that look like this: 8 books, 2 RPGs and RPG products, 5 magazines, 0 comics, and 0 graphic novels.

Anyway, thoughts and comments are always welcome. :)
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