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After the Doctor's Appointment

Went to the doctor's this afternoon, and managed to clean the car off by around 2:15 pm, though I had to take a couple of breaks as the exertion got to me quite badly.

Had to wait about 20 minutes to see the doctor, but he took a good look at me, checked my lungs, and then told me that I have either severe bronchitis or bronchial pneumonia. Looking at my charts, he said that he wasn't going to send me for an x-ray, because I have had way too many x-rays and the like over the last eight-month period (remember all the MRIs and CAT scans?), and listening to my chest and the way I was croaking as we talked, he said that what I've got is kind of obvious.

The doctor prescribed a treatment course of ten (10) days of Zithromycin, some enforced relaxation and no exertion for at least three days, and then to see how things go. The antibiotic will take a good four or so days to start taking effect, so for now, it's rest, relax, and take the meds like a good little boy.

When I got home, I had to actually shovel my parking space somewhat before I could put the car in it, and that wore me out completely. I was soaking wet, with a very foul odour, when I finished that, parked the car, and went inside. Took a bit of a clean-up and changed clothes, and then sat back and took a nap. Woke around 5:00 pm or so, and had half a bagel and some water with Crystal Light stuff. Watched a bit of tv, but snoozed during that as well.

I'm ordering take-out Chinese food tonight. It's my treat for myself. Given what the antibiotic will do to my stomach and bowels (which aren't great right now because of the stuff coming out of my lungs), I'll be earning this the rest of the week.


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