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Footcare and Banking Done

Just got home from the footcare appointment and doing a bit of banking.

Still feeling sick and under the weather, despite the seemingly nice day outside with the biting wind.

Foot care was needed today, as I have a lot of dry skin on my heels (the right heel skin was actually cracked), and several of my toes have been bothering me nail-wise the last week and a half or so. So this was good. Did a bit of banking that needed to be done, so that's taken care of.

Had my day's dose of antibiotic with some crackers before I went to the footcare clinic appointment. I had considered stopping at Tim Horton's for some lunch, but didn't have the money. I don't really feel like eating at all, but I suppose I should have something for a lunch of sorts. Heading upstairs to the kitchen to see what appeals to me.
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