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Grocery Shopping Done

Home from doing the grocery shopping.

Left the house around 3:30 pm or so after spross helped me out with a couple of things, and got back around 6:15 pm or so (I think, as the pain and illness is scrambling my thoughts somewhat).

The grocery shopping process was a comedy of errors, as I forgot to buy a few things and had to go back to one of the stores for stuff. (Yes, I had a list with me, but just plain forgot a few things, it happens.) I managed to pick up everything that I wanted on the food list, and finally got home.

By the time the grocery shopping was finished, I was breathing heavily, sweating a lot, coughing somewhat harshly, and the left side of my face is somewhat more swollen (at least to me).

I've finished unpacking and putting away the groceries, and have taken a few minutes to write this blog entry. While I should start making some supper now, I'm going to sit down for ten minutes or so and just try and relax. Then I'll think about supper.
Tags: food, grocery shopping, health hut, personal, sick

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