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No Gaming Today (Sunday)

Still feeling sick, and am also now a bit down in the dumps. I'm quite tired this morning (lost an hour of sleep because of the switch to Daylight Savings Time), and the fact that I'm still sick with whatever this bug is. Not getting enough sleep, unfortunately.

Due to my ongoing state of health, I've had to call off the Sunday game with my players. So once again, I will not be gaming today, and thus there will be no session of the a|state RPG. I can't say that I'm happy about this, as I haven't gamed in a few weeks now, and to be honest with you, I miss it.

I may try and spend a bit of the afternoon reading and doing some work on the game material that I need to set up for the game of a|state that I will be running at this year's installment of CanGames in May. (Still waiting for the CanGames folks to post the revised game schedule with the correct game entries for my Saturday and Sunday afternoon games, of course.)

In the meantime, heading upstairs for a cup of hot tea with a bit of honey and lemon in it.
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