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Back From the Hospital

I've just returned from the hospital, by way of the Conroy Pub, where I stopped off for "supper" at 10:45 pm. Here's proof of the fish 'n chips supper that was pretty tasty.


I've got nothing to say about the hospital experience, other than that:

1) I had an x-ray that confirmed I've got bronchitis, and quite a bad case of it;

2) The diabetes blood tests that I had done last week confirm what I thought;

3) There is nothing wrong with my left ear and the side of my neck at all, other than that side of my head is swollen, which the doctor refused to acknowledge, though he did run a blood test to check for inner ear infection, and actually looked in my ear;

4) At the mention of chest pain (though I said it was related to the coughing, the doctor ran an ECG on me!;

5) Mention that one has diabetes, and every symptom and/or illness that one has must be related to the diabetes;

6) I can't stand IVs that are administered for no reason other than blood tests "and maybe in case we have to give you some medications", especially given how badly my arms react to them. Tonight was no exception, and I'm not likely to be using my arm tomorrow or the day after. Pain! :(


7) I was told that for further treatment for the bronchitis, go and see my family doctor. Riiiight! :(
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