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Back to Gaming on This Friday Night

I've decided that I'm feeling somewhat better today and that my head is relatively clear (other than the pain in the sinuses and the ear(s)). In fact, I think I'm feeling so much better today that I'm going to game with the Friday night group tonight.

I've called Kathy and the other gamers, and they were delighted to hear that we'd be playing tonight. They'll be coming over to my place around the usual time tonight, and are looking forward to getting together and playing this evening.

I haven't decided whether I'll be running the a|state RPG or the Primeval RPG or whether we'll do something else, perhaps a board game or three, but I guess I'm looking forward to gaming tonight one way or the other.
Tags: a|state rpg, board games, friday gaming group, gaming hut, health hut, personal, primeval rpg, rpg, rpg hut

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